Wellspring Talk Correspondence Received


On July 18 I received the attached correspondence from Katharine Dobbins, LCSW,  Associate Director and Director of Programs at Wellspring:



Your talk yesterday was just terrific. I believe it had a real impact on the

clinical staff. It is not often that someone of your stature is willing to

talk publicly about their personal experience with mental illness. Many

staff have thanked me for arranging it and have been more enthusiastic about

your presentation than most any that I can recall. I believe that it was

particularly powerful because it is so personal, you are so accomplished in

your field, and yet you are willing to share your story despite the risks. I

highly applaud your courage. Your work, along with that of Elyn Saks, goes a

long way to reduce stigma and is a great contribution to the mental health







Katharine Dobbins, LCSW

Associate Director & Director of Programs


P.O. Box 1927

Louisville, KY. 40201