Kent School Talk Correspondence Received


On September 11, 2008 I spoke at the Kent School of Social Work of the University of Louisville.  Today I received the following letter from Dr. Linda K. Bledsoe:



Dear Professor Jones:


Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to my graduate level class in psychopathology  last Thursday.  I know you have a demanding schedule and many speaking engagements in addition to that.


As I think was evident from the students' questions, they were able to gain a great deal of knowledge from you that will benefit their professional development as social workers.  While it is one thing for me to share various textbook examples or examples from my experience of working with persons who live with similar illnesses, it is a much richer learning experience for my students to hear you tell you own story.


In your talk, you touched on so many topics that we will explore throughout the semester, such as, all the various medication issues and struggles that one faces when living with a serious mental disorder.  Even more important that that aspect, you made it real for the students, you shared your sense of humor, and you allowed them to see the great success and full life that is possible.  Perhaps we will steal your phrase as our class motto--"Stigma is never OK, and treatment works."


In closing, thank you again for your important contribution to the training and education of future social workers.




Linda K. Bledsoe, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor

Kent School of Social Work

University of Louisville