Mental Illness Awareness Week Talk


I received the following from Robert B. McFadden, M.A., Ph.D., President of NAMI Louisville:



October 22, 2008


Dear Jim,


I am writing to thank you for your presentation at our Mental Illness Awareness Week event on October 6, 2008.  Without a doubt, this was our most successful advocacy and awareness activity ever.  The courage and clarity with which you told your story was inspiring to everyone there--and there were five, repeat five, empty seats, with more people than that standing at the door--all members and friends of NAMI Louisville, which is a family and consumer oriented organization.  The contrast between your experience and that of Judge Gibson gave great emphasis to our fundamental message:  treatment works and stigma causes tragedy.


We are grateful for your support and proud of it.  You are a most welcome member of NAMI and a splendid advocate for what we all believe in:  that stigma must be overcome and treatment must be provided.


Yours sincerely,