Today I received the following correspondence regarding my talk last Thursday:


Professor Jones,


Thank you so much for speaking at ICORP's luncheon Thursday, November

6th, 2008. Your presentation was exactly what I had hoped it would be

and it was very well received. Your story is one that should be shared

not only with professionals such as myself and my colleagues, but also

with individuals who have a psychiatric disability so that they may be

inspired by your accomplishments. You should know that several people

approached me following your presentation and shared that they thought

your presentation was "just as good, if not better than" Dr. Frese's.

It seems the fact that you are new to this (speaking out against stigma)

was not obvious to those in attendance.


Once again, thank you for your wonderful presentation.


Brianne Lott, MRC, CRC

Employment Consultant

Business Empowerment Team