Business Articles of Interest


In reading the news over the last couple of days, I came across the two following interesting business articles. The first is a piece on about entrepreneurs that don't know when to pull the plug. It's a reality of being an entrepreneur: if you're not fanatical about your own business's prospects, why would anyone else want to invest in your business or buy your products? Unfortunately, the current financial difficulties (particularly inability to get credit) are likely to kill most start-ups before the principal has to make this decision.


The second is an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal, which muses about how Ayn Rand's 1952 novel Atlas Shrugged presages many of the federal government's existing or proposed questionable "solutions" to the current economic crises. Although there are many critics of Ayn Rand's philosophy and writings, I don't think the irony of the government bailing out those businesses most responsible for their own demise and the current economic crisis is lost on many people. As I recently saw it described, capitalism on the way up, socialism on the way down.