More Wireless Capacity in Classroom Wing

At not insignificant expense, both one-time and ongoing, we have doubled the wireless network capacity in the classroom wing of the law school building.  There are now additional wireless access points on all three floors: one more on the second floor, three more on the first floor, and one more in the basement.

Any student who still has difficulty connecting to the wireless network should first make sure he/she is connecting to ulsecure and not uofl_authuofl_auth was the old network that Odyssey used (though you didn't necessarily have to use Odyssey to connect to it).  University IT killed off uofl_auth over the holiday break.  If you're still trying to connect to uofl_auth, IT has instructional videos showing how to connect Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.4 and OS 10.5 computers to ulsecure.  Those videos are available at

Enjoy the improvements.