February 4, 2009, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
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After serving with the U.S State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as Director of the Office of Legislative Statecraft for one year, Manuel Miranda serves again as chairman of the Third Branch Conference, a coalition of over 100 grass-top leaders nationwide engaged on judicial matters.  Mr. Miranda is also the founder and president of The Iraq Society, an association of men and women who served in Iraq or who support the mission of peace, prosperity, and liberty for the people between the two rivers. 


Mr. Miranda served previously as Counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, leading 51 Republican staffs on judicial confirmations, and as.Senior Nominations Counsel to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.  Mr. Miranda is credited by as the architect of the Republican “nuclear option,” and the Washington Post and others credit him as the first to lead opposition to President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers.  


In February 2006, Mr. Miranda was awarded the Ronald Reagan Award by the American Conservative Union for his leadership on judicial nominations.  The Ronald Reagan Award is considered the highest award of the conservative movement.   He has been a Visiting Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Senior Counsel at the Family Research Council, and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, publishing 35 articles on judicial nominations. 

 Mr. Miranda is a frequent lecturer at law schools and events on “The Obama Presidency and the Fight for the Courts;” “Politics and Policy: Building for a Coherent Immigration Reform;” “America’s Rule of Law Impact in Iraq and Afghanistan;” and “The Truth About Iraq.”  

Manny was born in Cuba and raised in Spain and New York City.  He received degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law.  At Georgetown, he was the Circumnavigators’ Foundation Fellow for 1981 and at Hastings he was the Charles Rummel Scholar. 

 Between 1987 and 1998, Mr. Miranda practiced law with leading international firms in New York and Washington, D.C., most recently White & Case.