Clinic Update: We've Got Clients


Things at the clinic are moving along. This semester the clinic is working with the Legal Aid Society in representing Legal Aid clients in eviction cases. All of the clinic students have had matters to work on, and most of them have been to district court on a forcible detainer case.

The students have been doing a great job. Eviction cases are governed by the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and they have started to become experts on the ins and outs of eviction law. The basic issue we are litigating is whether the landlord will be granted a judgment of possession due to breach of the lease. Most of the breaches are based upon non-payment, but we do have other claims based on breach of other provisions, such as not disturbing the neighbors' peaceful enjoyment of the premises. We've had some successes in court, resulting in having the case dismissed. In addition, the students are also finding that many disputes can be resolved without the need of a full hearing. Often a single phone call can bring a satisfactory result for the client.  

In has been a pleasure to work with Legal Aid, particularly S. Stewart Pope. Attorney Pope is helping supervise the students and provide legal training in housing law.  We are also grateful to Judges Bisig and Eckert, as well as the housing court clerks Kathy and Tina, in welcoming us into their courtrooms.