Instructions to Authors

The Journal of Law and Education welcomes articles on all aspects of law related to education. Although the emphasis is on critical current and emerging issues in school law - matters that are on the growing edge - historical, theoretical and other attempts at perspective are also included. The Journal is particularly interested in promoting critical dialogue and is interested in publishing commentary on articles we have published.

Except under unusual circumstances, it is the policy of the Journal not to publish manuscripts which have appeared or are to appear in other publications. Accordingly, all manuscripts should be submitted with the understanding that the Journal possesses the exclusive right to publication. If and when the manuscript is published, it becomes the property of the Journal and all copyrights will be taken out in the name of Jefferson Law Book Company, and all rights in copyright reserved to Jefferson Law Book Company. The Journal does not subscribe in principle to the Draft Model Author/Journal Agreement of the Association of American Law Schools.

The following procedures should be adhered to when submitting manuscripts:
The general format for the presentation of articles is best understood by examining an issue of the Journal. Use of italics and block caps, footnotes and other citations should, to the fullest extent possible, follow the Bluebook Citation Manual. Footnotes submitted in MLA or APA form will be returned to the author for revision.

All material must be typed double-spaced on one side only of 8 by 11-inch paper. This includes materials which would normally be in a different type size (e.g., footnotes, quotes, and tables); however, this material should be typed on separate sheets. In the case of tables, etc., the manuscripts should be marked to indicate the proper location. The Journal has word processing capability through 3.5″, high density, floppy disks. Microsoft Word documents are preferred but the Journal can accomodate Word Perfect documents if absolutely necessary. Submission of disks with manuscripts is required. Footnotes should be used instead of endnotes. Manuscripts submitted with endnotes will be returned to the author for revision.
The complete title of the article and the author’s name and complete address should be typed on a separate sheet, which should be the first page of the manuscript. It is also helpful if the author provides a short title for use as a running head. This should be typed on a separate sheet and be made the second page of the manuscript. A short biographical statement should be prepared as a first, unnumbered footnote. A short summary - “abstract” - should accompany the manuscript.

Submit two copies of the manuscript whenever possible, but in all cases retain a copy as a safeguard against possible loss. Manuscripts will not be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is supplied for that purpose.

Manuscripts which do not conform to the above prescriptions may be accepted. However, those authors adhering to them will speed the editorial process, minimize printing costs, and decrease the possibility of errors in their articles.

If an article is accepted for publication, the author will be notified as soon as possible. Page proofs will then be sent to the authors. It is vital that they be checked with meticulous care, since that will be the only opportunity for the author to correct errors or modify editorial changes. Authors will receive fifteen complimentary issues of the Journal. Additional issues may be purchased at a contributor’s special rate if requested before printing.

The Journal of Law and Education is available on the West Law and Lexis-Nexis databases, and is indexed in the Index of Legal Periodicals and in the Current Index of Legal Periodicals and abstracted in Educational Abstracts.

Notice to Copiers

Permission to copy material appearing in the Journal (other than documents that are public records) can be obtained by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, telephone: (978) 750-8400, telefax: (978) 750-4470, e-mail: