Please Donate to the Animal Care Society!

Please donate to the Animal Care Society, Louisville's only no-kill shelter, as part of Community Service Day! Items will be taken to the shelter as part of the Community Service Project on April 4th.  Bins are provided in the Law School Lobby. We also ask that you please consider volunteering at the shelter on Community Service Day! For information please contact Rexéna Napier at

 Items Need by the Animal Care Society:

  •     Non-scoopable, clay Kitty Litter*
  •     Large cat "trees" for our free-roaming cat rooms.
  •     Bleach*
  •     Pine-Sol*
  •     Windex
  •     Anti-Bacterial Dish-Washing Soap
  •     Anti-Bacterial Waterless Hand Sanitizer
  •     Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
  •     Laundry Detergent/Powder*
  •     Paper Towels*
  •     Toilet Paper
  •     33 Gallon Garbage Bags*
  •     50-55 Gallon Trash bags*
  •     Disposable Vinyl Gloves (one-size-fits-all or large)
  •     Cat/Kitten Toys
  •     Dog/Puppy Toys
  •     Dog Collars and Leashes (especially for Toy and Small Breeds)
  •     Dog and Cat beds(washable preferred)
  •     Gently used Blankets,Towels, Bath Mats, and Small Rugs
  •     20 lb Paper (white,light pink, light blue)
  •     8 1/2" x 11"or Legal Pad Paper
  •     Stamps*

(*denotes items needed the most)

ACS also would be happy to receive your aluminum cans for recycling. Newspapers (minus salesinserts) are also greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all your help!