Prof. Santry has told me that she doesn't want students to worry too much about scheduling conflicts. She emailed me the following note:

"In gathering information from family court, I have learned that the family court now stagger their dockets.  Mondays are still very heavy in 5 courtrooms but hearings are now on Tuesdays for 3 other courtrooms and Wednesday and Thursday have a EPO docket each for the two remaining courts. This is great news.  With the staggered family court hearings and 5 day housing court, we will have plenty of work for everyone with lots of flexibility."  

So, the key is, you do not have to have any particular day free to sign up for the clinic: when planning your schedule, you should make sure that you have a block of time free at some point during the week, and so long as you can do this, Prof. Santry will work with you to get you into court.

Please contact me at lars.smith@louisville.edu if you have any questions. 

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