Coleman v. Franken: Minnesota Supreme Court Video Oral Argument


The oral arguments in the U.S. Senate election dispute between Norm Coleman and Al Franken, justice Alan Page presiding,  is now available on the Minnesota Supreme Court website.

If you like election law, they are fascinating:

Minnesota Supreme Court Video Oral Argument

BTW, this month's Minnesota Lawyer has an excellent article on the legal issues involved in the case.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has blanket coverage of both the case and the politics, starting here.

UPDATE 6/15:  There is a good interview by Minnesota Public Radio with ex-Minn. Supreme Court Justice Jim Gilbert on the timing of a decision in the Franken-Coleman on MPR's website.  Based on normal practice, Justice Gilbert says the decision would likely take over two months, but he thinks that because of the importance of the case, it will be closer to 30 days (usually a very fast turnaround)--likely before the 4th of July. No taxation with half-representation!