[Orientation] Community Service Day Preview

July 12, 2009


Your Student Bar Association (SBA) President, Victor Revill, and the SBA Vice President who is the liaison for orientation, Rachel Carmona, have written a letter to you about the Community Service Day for Orientation 2009 (see below). They are right that we hope your Community Service Day will be the most rewarding segment of the week.

Soon we'll be posting the service opportunities available and asking that you indicate your first three choices. We'll provide information about each project: the specific time; the organization and where it's located; whether the location is on the bus line; what the activity is; and how many students will be assigned to the activity. All but one of the service activities will take place on Friday, August 14 (Habitat had to be scheduled for Saturday, August 15). We'll give you your assignment during orientation, along with any other needed information.

Rachel and other student leaders have put together a great list of projects and we'll try to put you with one of the projects you request. And in addition to your classmates, some of the upper-level students, faculty members, and staff members will be participating.

Finally, another member of our student family is planning, on behalf of your class, a service project that can involve all of you. Her letter will be posted soon, but the project will be to collect cleaning supplies for the Family Scholar House, http://www.projectwomen.org/. We'll ask each of you to bring an item or two to orientation, and then one of our projects will be to assemble baskets to take to the Family Scholar House. Watch for details!

Kathleen S. Bean
Professor of Law
Associate Dean, Student Life