[Registration] Preview of Course Registration

Preview of Course Registration


The start of law school is getting close! And so is course registration. 

All class sections and times are assigned for full-time students.  In the immediate days before orientation, you will receive this information.  At the same time, you will receive instructions on how to register for your classes.   You will do this on-line.   During the registration process, you will have the option of ordering your books from the University Bookstore (you may also order your books elsewhere; just make sure you have the correct editions, etc.).   If you do order from the University Bookstore, you will have the option picking them up at the bookstore or having them delivered to the law school.  If you choose delivery to the law school (many students do), you will be able to pick up your books after the last orientation session, which is Thursday afternoon, August 13.   If you want them earlier (many do), choose pick-up at the University Bookstore.

First year students are assigned to one of two sections; we will send your section assignment to your University of Louisville email address no later than August 7 - possibly a day or two earlier.   Please watch for this email and plan to register for your classes before Monday August 10.

Keep checking this page, as the pace of announcements and information postings will be increasing.

Kathleen S. Bean
Professor of Law
Associate Dean, Student Life
Dated July 23, 2009