Assignments for First Week of Class

As you are surely aware from having watched "The Paper Chase" yet again this summer, law school professors typically post reading assignments for the first day or week of class in advance.  Those are, or will be, available on the School of Law Web site at  This is a private page, so you must log in with your ULink credentials to view the page.  Faculty post their assignments themselves, so if you don't see an assignment right away, check back often until it's there.

Some faculty use Blackboard, and if they do, they are likely to put a comment or link to that effect on the assignment page for their class.  Blackboard also uses your ULink credentials, so once you are registered for your classes, you should have no trouble getting into Blackboard:

Other faculty use a Web-based course management system from Westlaw called TWEN (The West Education Network).  You will not have access to TWEN, or any other Westlaw service, until you receive and register your Westlaw password, which will not happen until Orientation next week.  You will learn more about that at Orientation.

Do not fret.  You will not be at any disadvantage if you must wait until next week to get your first-week assignments.