[Registration] Information Has Been Sent: Check your UofL Email



We have sent course/section assignments to all part-time and full-time students.  Students must register for these courses on ULINK.  Please check your UofL email immediately.  


Part-time students should have already registered.  Full-time students should register now.  In any event, students must register no later than Sunday August 9.  All registration problems must be resolved by the end of business day August 10.  


If you believe there is a mistake in your email, please contact Professor Bean immediately at kathybean@louisville.edu.  If you have having trouble registering, contact Dean Hamilton at brandon.hamilton@louisville.edu.  They will both monitor their email in the next few days and respond as quickly as possible.  


Remember, all sections, courses and times are assigned for your first year of law school.  You must register for the courses in your email and those courses only.