Blog tip: Circuit Splits


I’ve been so busy lately with dealing with the law library flood, prepping for my legal research class, and winding up some writing projects, I’ve been a little blank on blog topics.  However, a discussion of the federal court system in my LR class today recalled a really cool (to law geeks at least) blog I discovered this summer, Circuit Splits <>. Maintained by Professor A. Benjamin Spencer of the Washington & Lee University Law School, it is a great resource for generating ideas for law review pieces, law review student notes, and bar association magazine articles. I've also mined it for examples to use in the classroom.  I can also imagine  SCOTUS watchers seeking to handicap the Supreme Court's selection for cert based on its data.

Spencer, a Civil Procedure specialist, also authors the Federal Civil Practice Bulletin <>.  


Photo from Professor Spencer's Official W&L bio.