End of Lawnet for Students

Following Fall 2009 final exams, the IT staff will complete the migration of law student computing from Lawnet, the law school's internal computer network, to the University's new Windows Active Directory (AD) domain.  The first phase of the process, changing the law school's Web site authentication from Lawnet to ULink, was completed during the past summer.  The final two phases will consist of:

  1. Moving Law Library lab and student organization office computers and printers to AD, and
  2. Connecting students' laptops to the file server and printer under AD.

The timeline for the next phase is as follows:

Friday, Dec. 11, 6:00 PM

Disable Lawnet access for all students, which will make logging on to any lab or student office computer impossible. In addition, connecting to the file server or laptop printer from any student's laptop will also be impossible.  However, this will NOT affect students' ability to log in to any resource that already uses ULink authentication, including the law school's Web site, GroupWise, ULink and the wireless network.

Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 12-13

Copy all students' and student organizations' files from the current file server to a new Windows file server.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 14-16

Remove all first floor lab and student organization office computers from Lawnet and add them to Active Directory.


In effect, students' Lawnet accounts will no longer be active after 6:00 PM, Friday, Dec. 11.  Beginning Thursday, Dec. 17, students must use their ULink credentials to log on to any computer resource at the law school.   The intervening five days will be a blackout period.

Also please note that we will not make the file server or laptop printer available again for any student until we return for the Spring 2010 semester on January 4th.  This will be the third and final phase of the AD migration for students.