Seminar on Advanced Issues in Labor and Employment Law (Levinson)

Seminar on Advanced Issues in Labor and Employment Law.   Professor Levinson will teach a seminar on “Advanced Issues in Labor and Employment Law” this spring if there is sufficient interest among students.  The prerequisite is either Employment Law or Labor Law, or under special circumstances, by permission of the instructor .  If you are interested, please contact Professor Levinson at or 502-852-0794.

Course Description

This course covers advanced issues in labor and employment law that are of interest to the enrolled students, who are welcome to suggest topics.  The course may deal with 1) issues of democracy and self-governance in the workplace, 2)  workplace privacy issues, 3)  the role of international law in resolving employment and labor disputes, 4) the intersection between labor and employment laws, 5) the rise of alternative dispute resolution, 6) alternative visions for a more meaningful system to resolve labor and employment disputes, 7) the intersection between labor and employment and environmental issues, 8) regulation of workplace bullying, 9) envisioning the rights of the disabled as civil rights, 10) issues of transgendered people in the workplace, 11) lifestyle discrimination 12) accommodating work family balance in the workplace, 13) employment issues raised by downsizing or bankruptcy, 14) the significance of certain rules of professional responsibility in an employment practice, or 15) assessing recently passed federal or state employment legislation and pending legislation.

In addition to learning about doctrinal and practical labor and employment law issues, the seminar addresses the process of writing and publishing a seminar paper.  Each student will write a seminar paper on an advanced labor or employment law issue.  The paper may satisfy writing the requirement.