Client Counseling Competition

Tryout for the ABA Client Counseling Competition!
The ABA Client Counseling Competition simulates a law office consultation in which you, acting as a team of two attorneys, are presented with a typical client matter.  The competition will be held either February 12, 2011 or February 19, 2011.  This year’s topic is Professional Responsibility.  

Tryouts will be held Friday, September 24 starting at 2:30pm in Washer Lounge.   You must sign up as a two member team.   Due to the topic for this year’s competition, it is strongly recommended that each member of a team has either taken or is currently enrolled in Professional Responsibility.

The sign up sheet is posted on the Moot Court Office Door.  There is also a folder containing a statement to prepare your team for the tryout.

If you have any questions about this competition or the tryouts please contact Professor  Abramson at or Lani Burt at