Spring 2011 Schedule and Exam Schedule

Attached in the links below are the latest version of the Spring 2011 schedule and Spring 2011 exam schedule.  Please note that the changes from the schedule released about 3 weeks ago are that the Structured Study Groups moved to Thursdays at 1:00 p.m., Patent Law has been added, and there are now exam days and times for some evening classes that did not have exam slots in the version of the schedule that came out in mid-August.  Please also pay attention to prerequisites and courses meeting the perspective or skills requirements, as there have been a few updates to these designations.  For the most part, though, the schedule is nearly the same as the prior version that was released.  This will be the version that will be used with registration.  The registration packet, with the course notes (still being edited), will likely be released tomorrow.
SPRING 2011 SCHEDULE 10-21-2010.pdf175.51 KB
SPRING 2011 EXAM SCHEDULE 10-21-2010.pdf188.39 KB