Congratulations to the Arbitration Team

The arbitration team competed at the ABA Arbitration Competition Regional at NKU last weekend.  They won the first round (but lost the second to a very high ranking team that came in second overall after the first two rounds).  The team received compliments from many judges on their professionalism.  The judges complimented Brandon Edwards for a well organized opening and direct examination and good leading questions on cross examination, as well as an overall excellent presentation.  They complimented Megan Keane for her very smooth direct examination, her good leading cross examination, her use of a document, and a great job overall.  The judges complimented Samantha Thomas for use of a good timeline on opening statement, her submission of relevant reliable evidence on direct examination, her strategic use of respondent's own exhibits on cross-examination, and her overall very good presentation.  The judges complimented Aaron Price for his use of a good timeline on direct examination, his effective discrediting of the witness on cross examination, his persuasive presentation and use of a demonstrative exhibit on summation, and his overall very good presentation.