KY Legislative Research Commission 2011 Graduate Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is for law school students and other relevant graduate programs.  The position is in Frankfort, KY, located 52 miles from the law school.  All work will be performed in Frankfort.  Five to ten graduate fellows will be selected.  Each fellow will be assigned to work with a legislative committee and will be trained in the basic tasks of drafting bills, conducting public policy research, and providing support for legislative committee meetings.  A senior LRC staff person will be assigned to supervise and mentor each fellow and will complete any evaluation forms required by the fellow's university.  LRC Graduate Fellows will work a total of approximately 1,000 hours as follows:  1)mid-May through mid-August -- 37.5 hours per week, for a total of at least 500 hours; 2)mid-August through mid-April -- approximately 20 hours per week, for a total of approximately 500 hours, which will include a session of the General Assembly; 3)Thanksgiving through January 1-- fellows are excused from LRC responsibilities to focus on end-of-semester course work.  For details on how to apply, go to: and select Part-time Job No. 110.  The deadline for application is January 17, 2011.