Get Your Public Service Hours - Be a Witness

The Law School is hosting the Region 7 National Trial Competition in three weeks.  Fifteen law schools and thirty teams will compete in Louisville to advance to the National Finals in Houston, Texas.  We need more law students to volunteer to be a witness on Friday, February 18, and Saturday, February 19.  This is a great opportunity.  You can earn public service credit.  You can observe some of the best student competitors in action and see the differnt aspects of trial - pretrial motions, opening statements, direct exams, cross exams, closing arguments, and making and responding to objections. 

If you volunteer to be a witness, you will have a copy of your deposition emailed to you in advance.  The preparation to play the witness during the competition should not take longer than 1 hour.  You must simply review your deposition (4 to 9 pages, depending on the witness) and know the facts in your deposition.  The student attorney will prep you before you testify.  It's easy and fun.

If you can volunteer, please complete the sign-up sheet attached.  If you have questions, please ask Brian Bennett or Kimberly Ballard.

Please sign up to participate by this FRIDAY.  This opportunity is open to 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, and 4Ls.

*NOTE:  If you volunteer to play a witness role at the competition, you cannot also volunteer as a witness during the Law School's team practices before the competition.

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