Student Petition Re: Changes to Law School's Academic Calendar (2008-2009)

For the 2008-2009 academic year, the administration has proposed that the Fall semester begin August 25 and end December 19. Consequently, Spring semester would begin January 12 and end May 8. Therefore, the Oaks and Derby would be in the middle of the finals period. Also accompanying these date changes is the fact that graduation would now be a commencement ceremony on May 9 -- some honors would be presented but final grades would not be available for all the academic honors. And finally, diplomas would be provided at a later date.

The Student Bar Association is asking students to consider these changes. If you support the attached petition against the revised academic calendar, please see your SBA representative to sign the petition, stop by the SBA office to find out more about the reasons behind the calendar changes or to sign the petition, and/or ask any SBA member about the impact of the calendar changes.


NOTE: Petition is posted on the SBA Office's Door and will be handed out during classes.

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