Lawyers Mutual Insurance Agency seeking 3L students for research/development project

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Agency, LLC will pay $20 an hour for research and development of outlines for the following topics:

1.       Supervisory Professional Responsibilities

 KRPC 5.1 deals with the duty of partners, managers and supervisory lawyers to make sure that other lawyers under their supervision conform to ethical practices.  KRPC 5.3 deals with the duty of lawyers to make sure that non-lawyers assist (e.g., paralegals) who work for them likewise conform to ethical practices.  References to these rules is made in the Risk Manager Vol. 20, Issue 3 “Boss Professional Responsibility” and in the Bench & Bar magazine.

2.       Returning Client Files

Revised KRPC 1.16 makes it clear that a lawyer cannot make return of a client’s file contingent upon payment of his/her fees.  Still, there is a lot of confusion about this amongst some lawyers.  For example, it is permissible to withhold uncompensated work product from a client’s returned file in some circumstances.  Some definitive guidance would be useful.  Reference can be found in the Risk Manager Vol. 21, Issue 1 and in the Bench & Bar Magazine. 

 If interested, contact Nancy Meyers, Marketing Director at 568-6100 or