What's Chinese for Protractor?


The last couple of days has been spent getting our children into school in Wuhan. We found a school online before we left which is not too far from the Zhongnan University campus, called the Wuhan Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School. We went by on Monday to enroll Lindsey and Alison, and were very impressed with what we saw. The Maple Leaf School has a huge campus, comprising the small foreign nationals part, and the very large school for chinese students wishing to attend middle and high school in English. It's modeled on the educational system in British Columbia, Canada (in fact it's certified by their department of education). Lindsey and Alison are taking classes in English, taught by Canadian teachers. After figuring out how to pay the tuition (in US Dollars) and the uniform and transportation fees (in Chinese RMB), we got the kids enrolled. They attended their first classes Tuesday. Lindsey and Alison had a great time, they really like their teachers (a husband and wife team, as it turns out), and don't even mind wearing the uniforms!

The big challenge happend last night (Tuesday evening for us) when Lindsey handed us the list of supplies she needed for class: Calculator, ruler, highlighters, blue pen, red pen, 8 A4-sized notebooks, and finally, a protractor. So, after contacting the student assigned to me to assist with getting us settled to find out where the supply store was located, I headed off to do my shopping. I found the store (yay, me!), but I was having trouble finding everything. The daughter of the manager came over, and in her best Chinese, asked what I was looking for. OK, so, how do you say "protractor" or "glue" in Chinese? I pulled out my handy iPhone, and using my Pleco Chinese dictionary, we worked our way through the store, and managed to get everything. 

Pleco Chinese dictionary

Great photo of your daughters! I'm curious if your app contains images. If not, you might try a Google image search next time.

Good suggestion

No, but that is a great idea. My only challenge is that I don't have cellular service on my iPhone. I'm basically using it like an iPod touch here. I only have access to the Internet when I have a wifi connection. But I could have downloaded the pictures before I left, and then displayed them when I got there. I'll keep that trick in mind!