The Emperor of Beers






We went shopping on Saturday at a store that carries "foreign" foods (you know, Frosted Flakes and Skippy). While cruising through the isles, I was suprised to see what I thought was the King of Beers, Budweiser. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out it was a can of Blue Diamond 啤酒 (píjiǔ)(beer), with very similar trade dress to the American classic. That immediately got me in trademark mode, trying to determine if it was in fact infringing. Anheuser-Busch has been fighting a generally losing battle against Budweiser Budvar, including in China, but this beer appears to be Chinese, and does not use the word "budweiser" on the can. However, the color scheme is similar, and the name Blue Diamond empasizes the letters "B" and "D", perhaps to remind a consumer of the term "Bud"? What do you think?