Law Review Informational Meeting and Application Availability

The University of Louisville Law Review (ULLR) will be having an interest meeting for new members on Tuesday, March 29th in room 175 at 1:00 pm. The ULLR is the law school’s flagship journal and it gives students an opportunity to earn credit, as well as meet the law school’s writing requirement. Membership also helps students to develop research, writing, and citation skills that are highly touted by employers. Any student who plans on attending classes through spring 2012 is highly encouraged to apply.

At the meeting, we will discuss the Law Review application and selection process, the benefits of membership, and what you can expect if you are selected to become a member. Beginning next year, first year members of the ULLR will receive two hours of academic credit.

Applications will be available to all people who attend the meeting on March 29th and will be available to the rest of the student body beginning on March 30th in the copy center.  Applications are due May 11th. If you have any questions contact JD Theiss or Elisabeth Fitzpatrick