Help University of Alabama Law Students

Please see the below message from the ABA Law Student Division in regard to the tornadoes in Alabama and what we can do to help the law students at the University of Alabama:

"As many of you know by now, the City of Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama experienced catastrophic storms and tornados last week resulting in the loss of lives and significant damage to the city.

Tuscaloosa is also home to the University of Alabama School of Law and approximately 547 law students. Dean Ken Randall has notified us that all law students, faculty and staff are accounted for, although many students have suffered significant property damage while others have lost everything, including housing, computers, cars, books, etc. The law school building was not damaged, but was without power for several days. Exam schedules and the implementation of exams have been altered responsive to student needs and the law school graduation will continue as planned on May 7th.

As many in the law school community have been directly or indirectly affected by the storms and tornados in this region, it is our hope that the SBA Presidents and ABA Representatives can encourage their law student bodies to assist with the efforts to help the law school victims at the University of Alabama School of Law. Several SBA Presidents have already contacted the ABA Law Student Division to inquire how their schools may provide assistance. Two resources have been identified that will provide assistance directly to the university and law school communities.

Will Booher, SBA Treasurer of the University of Alabama School of Law, has set up a “Tornado Relief Fund” to assist those in need. This fund will be used first and foremost, to directly support those in the law school community that were affected by the storm – including groceries, supplies, and replacing essential lost property, housing, transportation and other fundamental needs. The fund will then be used to support volunteers and toward the law school’s efforts for community outreach. Finally the remainder of the funds will be donated to the Red Cross relief efforts in Tuscaloosa.

Donations may be made via PayPal or by contacting Will Booher at

Another resource may be the University of Alabama, which has established the UA Acts of Kindness Fund to help UA students, faculty and staff who need assistance as a result of storm damage.

This is an opportunity for our nation’s law students to assist those in need. Please help spread the word to your fellow law students to do whatever they can to help our friends at the University of Alabama School of Law.  Thank you."