Withdrawing from a class--that awful (?) "W" and deadlines

From several different conversations I've had during the past week, there seems to be a fairly widespread misperception among students about withdrawing from a class.  If you voluntarily withdraw after the first week of class, your transcript will typically show a "W" next to the name of the course.  The misperception involves the effect of this "W" on potential employment.  As far as we know, no potential employer would hold an ordinary "W" against you (barring unusual circumstances, such as if the employer specifically asked you to take the course).   At worst, they might ask you why you dropped (unlikely) ... but that allows you to demonstrate good judgment in recognizing that a course wasn't what you thought, or that you can recognize when you're overextended. Potential employers are much more likely to care about the more serious "withdraw/failure", which is given only if you are removed from a class or have failed an exam or assignment prior to withdrawing.


Also, a note to part-time students: don't forget that this Friday (the 9th) is the last day you can withdraw from a course and still receive a 25% tuition refund.  Full-time students do not receive any refund, as they pay a fixed fee for full-time study.