ABA Client Counseling Competition

Tryouts for the 2012 ABA Client Counseling Competition will be held Friday, October 7th, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  A sign-up sheet has been posted on the front door of the Moot Court Board room.  The deadline for signing up is Monday, September 26th at 5:00 p.m.  

There is no written requirement, as this is not a “briefed” competition.  Instead, students compete in pairs of two in a simulated law office consultation in which the students, acting as attorneys, are presented with a client matter.  They conduct an interview with a person playing the role of the client, and then explain how they would proceed further in the hypothetical situation.  The judges evaluate how the team elicited facts, advised about the relevant law, provided options for proceeding, and assisted the client to make an informed choice. For the tryout, each interview will last approximately 15 minutes; the actual competition will be a 30-minute interview. 

The regional competition will take place February 11, 2012, at Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law in Highland Heights, Kentucky.  The regional competition consists of three qualifying rounds with each team competing indirectly against two other teams in each round.  After the qualifying rounds, the top six teams advance to the semifinal round, culminating with the three winning teams in the final round.  The first place team from each regional competition will advance to the National Finals on March 16-17, 2012, in Durham, North Carolina.

All 2L, 3L, & 4L students are encouraged to sign-up.  The team is coached by Professor Leslie Abramson and Louisville attorney Paul Schurman.   If you have any questions about the competition or tryouts, email Jacob Ford at jpford03@louisville.edu.