Study Aids in Law School


Before you purchase study aids, ask your professor for recommendations. Also, visit the Academic Success Resource Library to browse the study aids available for you to check out free of charge.  Just contact Academic Success Director (852-1477) or stop by the Office of Academic Success (Room 212). Often, the most effective study aids are those you create yourself: outlines, flowcharts, flash cards, etc.

Types of Supplemental Study Aids

Among the most authoritative and respected of the secondary sources. Hornbooks are usually written by noted scholars and are accurate. They are typically available for every law school subject and can be used to get an overview of a topic or used to fill in any information gaps in your outline.
Explanations of the Law
Simpler and more concise. Usually written by law professors.
Examples include: Examples & Explanations Series (Aspen), Understanding Law Series (LexisNexis), Concise Hornbook Series (Thomson/West), and Nutshells (West).
 Flashcards and CDs
Usually available for all 1L subjects. Examples: Law in a Flash.
Commercial Outlines
Can provide hints about how material should be organized. Some contain practice questions and answers. Examples: Emanuel Law Outlines, Emanuel’s Crunch Time, and Gilbert’s Law Summaries.
CALI Lessons

CALI is short for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. The CALI lessons provide interactive exercises that test your knowledge of the material. Visit the law library's website for login information.


For advice about buying study aids, review this article: Study Aids - How to Be a Wise Consumer.


Learning Styles

Do you know how do you learn best? Take the VARK Questionnaire: A Guide to Learning Styles.

After you take the quiz, watch this presentation for tips on how to study best for your learning style in law school: Taking the Reins: You Own This.

For more on learning styles in law school, read this article: How Corn Chips, a Cold Room and a Couch Could Help You Learn Contracts.


Study Groups

Check out the following resources for forming your own study group.



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