General Advice: Time management

Use small pockets of time for small tasks. Even 15 minutes can be used effectively! Small amounts of time are useful for memory drills with flashcards or through rule recitation out loud. Twenty minutes can be used to review class notes and begin to condense the material for an outline. Thirty minutes can be used for a few multiple-choice practice questions or to review a sub-topic for a course.

Realize the power of salvaged blocks of time. If you capture a half hour of study time a day, that is 3.5 extra hours per week. An hour per day adds up to 7 hours per week. Time suddenly is there that seemed to be unavailable.

Boost your brainpower in the time you have. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. Eat nutritional meals. Your brain cells will be able to do the academic heavy lifting in less time if you do these simple things.

If you need help creating a time management schedule, please contact the Director of Academic Success, Laura Grubbs.

Time Management Schedule (Blank)