Take Action for Confined Calves!

Greetings Law Students,

As you know, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is committed to protecting the lives of animals everywhere. But you may not know that we have filed a lawsuit against Mendes Calf Ranch for their violation of California animal cruelty laws.

A calf at Mendes Calf RanchThe ranch is a facility that dairy producers use to house and raise newborn calves while their mothers are milked. The babies are taken soon after birth and shipped away to live in Mendes's cramped, filthy crates with barely enough room to move.

Day after day, these calves live by themselves in crates so small they can't even turn around or lie down naturally. They must contort their bodies even to stand in the small space, which is often covered with their own excrement. This is in direct violation of California Penal Code Section 597t, which provides: "Every person who keeps an animal confined in an enclosed area shall provide it with an adequate exercise area..." (emphasis added).

While we wait for the courts to stop this practice, there is more we can do for these animals right now. We need to reach Mendes through the people they're most likely to listen to: their clients.

Major dairy producers Land O'Lakes and Challenge Dairy get their milk from calves who spend the first months of their lives confined at Mendes Calf Ranch. It's time to let dairy corporations know that these practices are unnecessary - and unacceptable.

For these reasons, ALDF is launching the Free Baby Mendes campaign in an effort to mobilize consumers and animal lovers to sign on to a letter we'll deliver to Land O'Lakes and Challenge Dairy. Please visit the site now to sign the letter and ask your friends to do the same. This is also an excellent opportunity to help us spread the word on your campus about ALDF v. Mendes and the corporations that profit from the cruelty taking place at Mendes Calf Ranch.  IT WILL ONLY TAKE A FEW MINUTES!!  PLEASE VISIT THE FOLLOWING SITE TO ELECTRONICALLY SIGN THE PETITION: