Charlie Sheen's Tips for Winning at Exam4

We asked Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor Charlie Sheen about his secrets for winning at Exam4.  Here's what he had to say:

First, I make sure I have the right version of Exam4.  You know it expires, so if I can't run it at all, I know I don't have the latest; but I can get that at

When taking an Exam4 practice test, I always use my ULink user name, which is cieste01, to identify myself in the Exam Number field -- never my student ID number or something totally lame, like "1234."  And I always choose "Practice exam" from the list of Courses in the software. Plus, I know better than to try submitting my practice test from off campus, or waiting 'til the last minute to submit it.

For real exams, my method's a little different, of course.  In the Exam Number field, I use the exam number I get from Student Records.  Seems obvious, right?  Plus, I always have a USB flash drive with me in case I have problems submitting my exams electronically.

Pretty simple tips, I know, but that's why I'm WINNING!