Lawlapalooza 2011: Today's Featured Band

Freakin' Sweet

WARNING: Freakin' Sweet is not for the faint of heart.

Representing Borowitz & Goldsmith, Freakin' Sweet features Greg Curry, lead guitar, shredder, strategist and chairman of the Freakin' Sweet endowment; Mike Pantoja, lead vocals, bass guitar, talent scout, compliance director and director of social networking; Tom Mock pounding the drums, cowbell, and various other objects within arms' reach, supporting/lead vocals, IT support and systems integration; and John Sheryak, lead vocals, rhythm guitar, ship's captain and resident J.D.

FREAKIN' SWEET performed in the 2007 LAWLAPALOOZA as The VelvetKings...after deciding that "The VelvetKings" was way too dorky of a name for these cool guys, they promptly changed it. John is a 5 year veteran of Lawlapalooza, having performed with "She's With Me" in 2005 and the frightful calamity of their 2006 "performance." In 2007, Ed Skees and John dropped the total losers they had played with in the past, trashed the multi-million dollar pyrotechnics, lasers, spinning drumcages and swore to never again perform near open flames. Next, they hijacked Greg and Mike, who were discussing generally accepted accounting principles and asset diversification. They all four felt the magic and decided to form an 80's/90's alternative rock cover band. It worked...Freakin' Sweet instantly became established as one of the loudest, edgiest and fastest bands on the Lawlapalooza circuit.

In the spring of 2010, citing his inability to party, rock, and "hang"with the rest of the band, founding member and drummer Ed Skees called it quits, Dispelling wild rumors that he was going to become a monk or have back-alley sex change surgery, Ed promptly filed a pettion in the Floyd County Distrct Court to change his name to Hugh G. Weiner. Ed was quickly replaced with ex-death-metal head drummer Tom Mock. Not much is known about Tom, except that he is from Minnesota, talks like those people in the movie "Fargo," is a genious in his chosen field of IT, and has new kid. Oh yeah! The FREAK LIVES ON!!!!!

Freakin' Sweet is planning something special for LAWLAPALOOZA 2011. At this time, the details cannot be revealed, but lets just say that PHT should be prepared for midgets, clowns and strippers!