Crowned Champions! The Brandeis Blitz Franchise

On Tuesday night The Brandeis Blitz completed the goal of becoming University of Louisville Intramural Champions.  The final game capped off a 6-2 season and was the third "Mercy Rule" victory for the Blitz in the 2011 post-season.  Despite being accidentally left off of the roster list in the last Daily Docket, 2L Zach Berry had his greatest performance in a Blitz Jersey by snagging four interceptions, two of which went for touchdowns. The game was called a mercy with two minutes left in regulation with the final score of 33-12.

In a post game interview Coach White said, "On behalf of the entire team, we accept in advance any celebratory parades, gifts, breakfasts, dinners, shrines, rings, plaques, trophies et. al. that any deans, the SBA, or any individuals want to provide to commemorate our proud franchise."

2011 Champion Brandeis Blitz:
  •     Alex White
  •     Tyler Korus
  •     Josh Porter
  •     Joe Mandlehr
  •     Brandon Johnson
  •     Luis Cartaya
  •     John Spalding
  •     Doug Keil
  •     Johnathan Ryan
  •     Richard Williams
  •     Zackary McKee
  •     Jackie Clowers
  •     Brad Hall
  •     Donavan Potter
  •     Zach Berry