MCB Results

Congratulations to Arbitration Moot Court Team on advancing to the regional semi-finals! The team, consisting of Natalie Humphrey, Brad Johnson, Brittany McKenna, and Natalie Smith, advanced over one of the Northern Kentucky University teams and a team from Duquesne University to the semi-finals. Professor Levinson, the team's coach, attended the competition and provided great feedback to the team between rounds.
The team earned above-average marks from all judges. They were repeatedly praised for their "good use of demonstrative evidence," "good use of facts," and being "extremely well prepared," both as lawyers and as witnesses. The judges also commented on the team's professionalism, saying that the team was "very respectful," and "so respectful to the witnesses." In fact, the team scored no less than "Very Good" in the category of professionalism from every single judge, and in one instance the team was scored as "Superior," the highest available score.One judge described a closing statement by Brittany McKenna as "spectacular," another described Natalie Smith's performance as a "Great job!," another praised Natalie Humphrey for her "excellent delivery, " and Brad Johnson was complimented on his "very good, conversational tone."