New Public Service Opportunity Available

Network Center for Community Change is looking for students to help with a study to determine what happened to homes and homeowners facing foreclosure in 2007. If you help with this study, you will be helping to gather the information they need to describe the full impact of the foreclosure crisis on neighborhoods.  Students will help by driving to affected properties to report on their condition, performing title searches, reviewing court files, doing research on the Property Value Administrator's website, and more.  They will provide any training necessary before the students perform outreach work.

Interested students can go to the referenced study so you can evaluate if this is something you would like to help with. The study is available at:

This project would be good for first year students who weren't able to participate in the week-long projects.  This would also be suitable for students still needing to complete their requirement before the graduation deadline.

To sign up, please contact Jina Scinta at to obtain a Reservation Form.