Lambda Law Caucus Opposes JAG Discriminatory Policy

Representatives of two military branches of JAG, the legal arm of the U.S. military, will be present over the next two weeks recruiting Brandeis law students. As the military continues to discriminate in its hiring policies, the members of Lambda Law Caucus wish to reiterate our continuing opposition to JAG's presence on campus.

According to the bylaws of the Association of American Law Schools, under which this law school is presently certified, our school has an affirmative duty to provide students with equal opportunities to obtain employment without discrimination based upon several criteria, including sexual orientation. The Brandeis School of Law requires every employer recruiting law students on campus to sign the school’s nondiscrimination policy. However, the law school has been forced to make an exception and grant the military access to campus because the United States Congress under the Solomon Amendment threatens to withhold federal funding from the entire University if the law school does not comply.

We stand against the federal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which prohibits otherwise qualified, willing and patriotic lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people from serving in the armed services if their sexual orientation is ever disclosed. We call upon the United States Congress to repeal both the disgraceful “Solomon Amendment” that forces law schools to abandon their nondiscrimination policies, and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that forces LGBT servicemembers to either sacrifice their personal integrity by serving their country in silence or forsake their hope for an honorable military career.