The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund is planning an upcoming fundraiser.  We will donate proceeds to Kentucky animal welfare organizations.  If you resemble your pet, you are the perfect participant.  Beginning tomorrow, we will accept pictures of law students, professors, and staff with their animal companions. Each entry is only $1! In just a few weeks, we will display these pictures and allow people to indicate which person most closely resembles his or her animal companion by dropping spare change into jars.  The winner will receive a Feeder's Supply Gift Card and various other animal related prizes.  All participants will get the satisfaction of knowing they helped their animal friends by raising funds for animals.

 To enter please place your $1 donation, picture, and name and contact number in an envelope.  Please place the envelope in Brittany Ducker's mailbox.  All submissions must be received by Friday, October 12th.


During the fundraiser, SALDF members will also be available to give you updates on the current state of animal law in the US and current initiatives in which the SALDF has become involved.  Unfortunately, KY ranks #50 in animal protection laws among US states.  We have the worst laws in America.  This is extremely embarassing and has to change.  Please participate in this fundraiser, and keep your ears open.  The SALDF is committed to informing our law school community about chances to help animals.