Law School Alumni Hosts New Financial Radio Show


LOUISVILLE, Ky (February 6, 2012) – As Kentuckiana residents examine their portfolios amidst a financial crisis with practically no gains in the stock market for the past decade and interest rates near zero, they would do well to hear what Certified Investment Management Analyst Jeffrey Sexton, '92, has to say. For over two decades this colorful new host has managed money for his clients including rock stars, Fortune 500 companies and large brokerage firms. “I am not an armchair quarterback. I walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to investing,” said Sexton, Portfolio Manager for the Delux All Cap Stock Fund.

“I hold an MBA from the acclaimed University of Chicago Booth School of Business and studied under a Nobel prize-winning faculty that specializes in finance and economics. The results of my research instilled convictions and taught me the consequences of managing Other People's Money.”

In 1997 Sexton was thrust into the national spotlight when his ethical eye caught the illegal doings of a co-worker at Merrill Lynch. He questioned Henry Blodget, Merrill’s former star Internet stock analyst, during the height of the dot-com era. Sexton’s inquiry led New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and the Securities and Exchange Commission to charge Merrill Lynch and Blodget with civil securities fraud. Blodget agreed to a permanent ban from the securities industry and paid $4 million in fines.

Jeffrey Sexton lives in Louisville with his wife and four children and has a law degree and master’s degree in Economic Statecraft, in addition to his MBA. He practiced securities law for over six years and was a member of the legal team that conducted the Initial Public Offerings for Papa John's Pizza and Rally's Hamburgers, as well as bond offerings for Humana, Vencor and Galen.

Other People’s Money is a one hour show airing every Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. on TalkRadio 1080 WKJK in Louisville, Kentucky. Listen live or via streamline at show will include guests, callers and will air as the Australian and Asian Stock Markets are opening which will give listeners insight about how U.S. financial markets may open hours later on Monday morning New York time.


Contact Information: Carolyn McLean, Producer of “Other People’s Money.”