Loyola Patent Law Interview Program - August 2 & 3, Chicago, IL

Student registration for the Loyola Patent Law Program is now open and will continue through Monday, March 5th.  Click on the “Register Now” button after going to the website at:  http://www.luc.edu/law/career/patent_students.html

The student registration form is very simple.  At this point, all you need to enter is some basic contact, school, and class year information.  Each student who participates will be responsible for the registration fee and will need a credit card to pay the $35 registration fee to complete the online registration.

Please be aware that this simple registration is just the first step in participating in the program.  Once you have registered, you will receive information about how to register in Symplicity, upload your resume, and bid on interviews.

As noted above, the deadline for student registration is Monday, March 5.  It is very important to register by the deadline since late registrations will not be accepted!

Class Years
Please note that in past years most employers were interested in interviewing rising 2L students, a significantly smaller group of employers were interested in interviewing rising 3L students, and only a handful of employers were interested in interviewing LLM students.

Please note that students do not need to be patent bar eligible to register for the Patent Law Interview Program.  However, many employers make patent bar eligibility a requirement for bidding, and most employers prefer patent bar eligible students.  Although a number of employers indicate on their registration forms that they are willing to interview students who are not patent bar eligible, it is our experience that non-patent bar eligible students are generally disappointed as they do not receive many interviews or job offers through the Patent Law Interview Program

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