Weekly Academic Success Tip - Be Smart During Spring Break and Use Your Time Wisely

Spring Break is just one week away!  How can you have an enjoyable break and boost your learning for finals?  It is possible – consider the tips below:

  • Plan ahead.   Plan in advance what tasks you need to accomplish during Spring Break.  Plan which days you will do those tasks.  Plan what materials you need to take with you.  For example, if you want to work on practice problems, be sure to copy them this week.  If you plan to listen to CDs, be sure to check a set out now.   
  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish during Spring Break.  You are unlikely to study 15 hours a day every day.  Instead of telling yourself that you will accomplish 100 tasks, make a list that you think you actually will accomplish. 
  • Get on a regular sleep schedule before you return to school.  Catch some extra sleep hours to build up your stamina for the last push of the semester.  Take some power naps in the afternoons.
  • Take the time to play in active ways and not just in mental ways.  By exercising, you can release stress and prepare your body for the marathon ahead.  Enjoy the movement and healthy competition.
  • Exercise your brain cells by doing lots of practice questions for each course.  You accomplish several positives - better memory of the black letter law; better understanding of how to apply concepts; faster use of exam taking techniques and strategies; and greater confidence in the nuances of the law.
  • Catch up on any back reading that was not completed before the break.  Also, it is a good time to read for the first two days after break so that you do not feel behind when you start classes up again.
  • Eat healthy foods.   You are in training for exams now.  The better your nutrition during the break, the better your body and brain will serve you.  Keep up the healthy eating once you get back from break so that you will be at the top of your productivity and brain power during the remainder of the semester.
  • Spend time with family and friends.   Make sure that you have some fun time and get some relaxation during Spring Break to re-charge your batteries for the last push through classes and exams. 
  • Keep on track.   By planning your studying, you can be more productive.  By starting with the hardest task first, you can make your day more pleasant.  By breaking tasks into small steps, you can cross them off more quickly for a sense of accomplishment.  By focusing on your priorities, you can accomplish more of your study tasks. 
  • Stop by the Academic Success Office to check out study aids.  A variety of study aids are available for first-year classes and upper division classes.
  • 1Ls:  Take the Contracts Practice Exam on March 9 and the 1L Spring Break Challenge on March 23!  The Challenge will consist of many objective-type (non-essay) questions covering Contracts II.  Your goal is to correctly answer as many questions as you can, in any order, in the time allotted.  All you need is a pen.  There will be separate Challenges for Section 1 and Section 2 contracts classes.  Great prizes will be awarded to the first- through third-place finishers.