Law Review Membership Application Released

Applications for membership on the University of Louisville Law Review, Volume 51, have been released. Any students who plan on attending classes through spring 2013 are highly encouraged to apply. Membership on a journal is excellent for developing your research and writing skills, and a school's law review is generally regarded as its premier publication. First-year members get two hours of academic credit. They also write a note that fulfills their writing requirement for graduation and has the potential to be published in the Law Review.


The application consists of a grade release form and a write-on prompt (not more than six pages, double spaced). Applications are due on May 14th. Several printed copies of the application packet will be available in the Resource Center across from room 275. Electronic copies are attached to this announcement, and also available through the Law Review website and TWEN page. If you have any further questions please contact Spencer Brooks at

Instructions for Law Review Application.doc25.5 KB
Law Review Write-on Prompt for 2012-2013.docx23.88 KB
Grade Release Form 2012-2013.doc25.5 KB