Exam4 may not work this fall with next Mac and Windows operating systems

Microsoft and Apple are releasing new operating systems later this year, with current estimates stating "summer" for Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and October for Windows 8. The timing of these new operating system releases will have consequences for development and release of compatible versions of Exam4. Exam4's publisher, Extegrity, announced today that for Fall 2012 exams, Windows 8 will definitely NOT be supported; and Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is "to be determined."

Please be mindful this summer that if you purchase an Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro and do so after the release of OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), you may not be able to use that new laptop on exams next fall; and if you already own a Mac and decide to upgrade to Mountain Lion, you also may not able to use your Mac for Fall 2012 exams. While students upgrading to Windows 8 or purchasing new laptops with Windows 8 may be similarly inconvenienced, its tentative October release gives us more time to remind you when school resumes in August.

Best of luck on finals, and have a great and safe summer!