The Office of Professional Development (OPD) Has a Busy Summer Planned!

Congratulations to all on the completion of another successful semester. Please note that the OPD will be open and active during the summer. For the first six weeks, Dean Urbach will be meeting with employers and public service placements all around Kentucky and Indiana. Her goal is to recruit additional employers and facilitate better communication with our public service placements. She will be in the office on Mondays ONLY from May 15 - June 29. Professor Tammy Pettinato has agreed to lend her considerable talent and experience on the days that Dean Urbach is in the field, resulting in a fully staffed office, Monday - Friday. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service during the summer and expanded fall and spring hiring seasons during the upcoming academic year. Be sure that your Symplicity account is activated so that you will be in the know before you return to school.