Reminder: Requirements for Seminars, Independent Studies, and Graduation

  • Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of at least C (2.0) in all graded courses taken, exclusive of courses transferred from other law schools, or taken in non-law graduate courses, is required for graduation.
  • Students having a 2.0 or better average and at least 22 hours may register for seminars.
  • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to enroll in an Independent Study.
  • A student receiving a failing grade (F) in a required course must repeat the course. The repetition of the course does not remove the prior grade from the student's academic record. Students who fail a first year course must retake the course at its next offering.
  • A student who has received a failing grade in a course may not register or be assigned to retake that course with the same professor. A student requesting an exemption from this rule must submit a written request to the Associate Dean for Student Life showing compelling circumstances.