Back On Campus Spring 2015

 1-1- 2015 Hello to Blog followers. This is my second blog. I've returned to U of L and Brandeis School of Law as an Adjunct Professor. The area of instruction and course title is: In-House Counsel Practice. The focus of the class is to introduce students to what the paractice of law is like when you are employed by your client, and usually your sole client. I am aware of the growth in "In-House" counsel among working professionals, and I hope I can provide an interesting, meaningful and useful experience. I await your 're-blog' or whatever it is...

with regards, Steve Lyverse

Welcome back Mr. Lyverse!

Welcome back Mr. Lyverse!

Thank You. I've been in

Thank You. I've been in China since my first posting so it's nice to see someone read this and get a response. I look forward to meeting you, Steve L